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  5. 2. Public Transportation (1) Railroads (trains)、(2) Buses (regular-route buses/loop-line buses, routes)

2. Public Transportation (1) Railroads (trains)、(2) Buses (regular-route buses/loop-line buses, routes)

Planning and Policy Dept. (0476-33-7773)

In Japan, various types of public transportation are available, including trains, buses, and taxis.
Depending on where you are, the method of buying a train or bus ticket, and how to get on and off public transport may differ. Please read the information below.

(1) Railroads (trains)

1 Types of trains

  • In addition to JR lines run by Japan Railway Company, there are private railways run by private railway companies.
  • When you travel from Sakaemachi by train, take the JR Narita line from Ajiki station or Kobayashi station. An "Up train" goes toward Ueno, Tokyo. A "Down train" goes toward Narita.
  • When you take a train, buy a ticket to your destination from a ticket vending machine at the station, or recharge an IC card such as Suica. Then, go through the ticket gate.

(2) Buses (regular-route buses/loop-line buses, routes)

In Sakaemachi, regular-route buses run by a private bus company and loop-line buses run by the town are available.

1 Bus stops

Buses arrive and depart from JR Ajiki station.

2 Bus schedules

Bus schedules are available at bus stops, however, buses may not arrive on schedule due to traffic jams or other reasons.

3 Bus destinations

○Regular-route buses

The destination of a bus is displayed above its windshield. The buses travel back and forth between Ajiki station and Ryukakujidai bus depot. Main destinations are the Sakanaodai area and the Ryukakujidai area. During the daytime, the buses go by the Town Hall.

○Loop-line buses

The destination of a bus is displayed above its windshield. There are two routes: the "Ajiki Loop Route" and "Fukama Loop Route". On each route, the buses go around in a loop in opposite directions - "clockwise" and "counterclockwise". The Ajiki Loop Route mainly goes through the Ryukakujidai and Kitabeta areas. The Fukama Loop Route mainly goes through the Fukama area and JR Kobayashi station.

4 Getting on and off buses

When you see a bus that you are waiting for at a bus stop, raise your hand to let the driver know that you want to get on. Then, board the bus. (On a regular-route bus, receive a ticket with a number printed on it.) When your stop is announced on the bus PA system, press one of the disembark buttons. Get off the bus when it stops.

5 Bus fares

○Regular-route buses

The fare chart is displayed at the front of the bus. Find your ticket number on the display to determine your fare. When you get off the bus, drop your fare with your number ticket into the fare box located next to the driver. If you do not have enough small change, use the change machine next to the fare box. Children (under 12) pay half the adult fare (less than 10 yen is rounded up). Up to two infants can use the bus for free if they are accompanied by an adult. Child fare applies to any additional infant.

○Loop-line buses

Regardless of where you get on or off, the fare is 100 yen. When you get on the bus, drop your fare into the fare box.

2. Public Transportation




1 鉄道の種類

  • 鉄道にはJR株式会社が運営するJR 線のほかに、民間の鉄道会社が運営する私鉄線などがあります。
  • 栄町から電車に乗る場合は、JR 成田線の「安食駅」か「小林駅」で、上り電車は東京都の上野方面へ、下り電車は成田方面に行きます。
  • 電車に乗るときは、駅の券売機で目的駅までの切符を買うか、Suica(スイカ)などのICカード乗車券にお金をチャージして改札から入場します。



1 バスの発着場所

バスはJR 安食駅で発着しています。

2 バスの時刻表


3 バスの行き先





4 バスの乗り降り


5 バスの料金