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4. How to prevent illness (4) National Health Insurance

Resident Section (0476-33-7706)

(4) National Health Insurance

People living in Japan must enroll in a public medical insurance program of some sort.
There are two types of public medical insurance programs in Japan: "Health Insurance" for company workers, and "National Health Insurance" for other people.
If you enroll in a public health insurance, you will pay only 30% of the medical cost. If a person who is not enrolled in a public health insurance receives medical treatment at a medical facility, he or she will have pay the full amount of the medical cost. Furthermore, as medical facilities are free to charge costs at their own discretion, your may have to make a considerable payment. For this reason, be sure to enroll in a public health insurance.

1.Eligible people

People who are not enrolled in health insurance programs at work. Under the Basic Resident Registration Law, foreign residents who are not enrolled in a health insurance at work must join the national health insurance system.
If you are deemed to have been staying in Japan for more than three months, you are required to enroll in the national health insurance, even if you intended to stay for three months or less when you arrived.

2.Enrollment procedures

If you are a registered resident of Sakae Town, file an application at the Resident Section of Sakae Town Hall.
A My Number Card is required to apply. If you do not have a My Number Card, bring a photo ID to verify your identity such as a driver's license.

3.Health Insurance Card (National Health Insurance Card)

When you enroll in the National Health Insurance, a "Health Insurance Card" will be issued. The health insurance card proves that you are enrolled in the National Health Insurance system. Store your card carefully.
Personal information including your name and address is listed on your health insurance card. When you visit a medical facility, submit your card at the reception desk. Take the card with you when you travel within the country. Health insurance cards must not be lent, borrowed, sold, or bought.

4.Payment at a medical facility

When you receive medical care for illness or injury, your copayment of the medical cost will be 30%. If you are between the ages 70 and 74, your copayment of the cost will be 20% or 30%, depending on your income.
Copayment for young children from age 0 to preschool age is 20%.

5.National health insurance

If you enroll in the national health insurance, you must pay the national health insurance tax.
You can pay the tax through a financial institution. When you receive the "Payment Notice" from the Sakae Town Hall, take it to a financial institution, a convenience store, or the Town Hall and pay. You can also use the financial institution's "Account Transfer" system.
The amount of the national health insurance tax is calculated every year on the basis of your income and the number of people in your household. However, in the first year in Japan, a foreign resident will be charged the minimum amount of the national health insurance tax because he/she had no income in Japan the previous year. From the second year, the amount fluctuates, depending on his/her income.
If you are between the ages of 40 and 64, a premium for nursing-care insurance is added to the tax.
If you fall behind in paying the national health insurance tax, you will have to return your health insurance card. A health insurance certificate will be issued, however, before you receive the certificate, your copayment of medical care cost may become 100% (apply for a reimbursement of the expense later).
If you fall behind with the tax, your assets may be seized. Pay the national health insurance tax on time.
If it is difficult for you to pay the national health insurance tax due to a disaster, unemployment, or bankruptcy, you may be exempt from the payment. Consult with the Resident Section of Sakaemachi Town Hall (0476- 33-7706).

6.National health insurance benefits

Eligible individuals
Illness or injury
Receive treatment using health insurance card
Medical treatment benefits, dietary treatment expenses for inpatients, daily expenditure and medical expenses for inpatients, medical expenses combined with treatment outside insurance coverage, medical expenses for home-nursing
In the case of advance payment
Medical treatment benefits, high-cost medical expenses, expenses for high-cost medical treatment combined with long-term care
If transferred in an emergency
Transportation expenses
One-off payment for childbirth
Lump-sum funeral allowance

7.When you need to notify

Once you enroll in the national health insurance system, if you wish to cancel your membership, you will need to complete the cancellation procedure. If you join the health insurance at work, notify the Sakae Town hall within 14 days.
If your health insurance card is lost or damaged, when a child is born, when the head of the household changes, or if the insured person has died, notify the town hall within 14 days.
You need to submit a notification when your address changes due to moving in or out. If you move out, bring your health insurance card to the Resident Section of Sakae Town Hall and notify staff of the move-out day. After you have moved, submit a moving-in notification to the municipal office in the area where your new residence is located within 14 days.
If you leave Japan, bring your health insurance card, seal (if you have one), residence card or special permanent resident certificate, and your airline ticket to the Town Hall and submit an overseas transfer notification. (If you are out of the country for less than one year, no notification is required.)
As long as your residence is registered in Sakaemachi, you will be charged the insurance tax even when you are out of the country.

住民課(0476- 33-7706)




また、入国当初の在留期間が3 ヵ月以下であっても、その後、3 ヵ月を超えて滞在すると認められる方は国民健康保険に加入する必要がありますので注意してください。