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1. From childbirth to childcare (3)Health checkup/vaccinations for infants

Childbirth/childcare is a great event of life. This section describes various services to support women from pregnancy to childcare and how to apply for the services.

(3)Health checkup/vaccinations for infants

1.Health examinations for infants

Welfare and Child Support Division, Comprehensive Child Care Support Center (0476-37-7185)

The Maternal and Child Health Handbook comes with vouchers. By using these vouchers, you will receive subsidies for two health checkups for the infant. Take your baby for a health checkup to help make sure he/she will grow up healthy. If you wish to receive a checkup in a medical facility outside the prefecture, call the number above.

2.Baby visit

Welfare and Child Support Division, Comprehensive Child Care Support Center (0476-37-7185)

[About one month after birth]
To promote healthy growth and development of the infant, a public health nurse or a maternity nurse will visit the home of the infant and provide childcare support.
In addition to measuring height and weight, the infant will be examined. The nurse and the family check the overall growth of the infant. The mother can consult with the nurse if she has any concerns about childcare or her own health condition, and receive advice or information she needs.

[About three to four months after birth]
Staff of "Kids land" in Fureai Plaza Sakae can visit the home of the infant, and provide consultations and information about childcare.
The staff presents a picture book as a gift to give the mother an opportunity to enjoy time with the baby.

* "Kids land" is a facility that mothers and infants can always use, regardless of the weather. They can play with toys, read picture books, and receive information on childcare support services, consultations, and advice. Parents of infants are encouraged to mingle with one another.

3.Health checkups for infants (mass examination)

We offer health checkups. Infants can receive physical examinations and dental checkups. Also, workshops on baby food and tooth brushing are offered. We will notify the eligible people in our publication.

[Health and Nursing Division (0476-33-7708)]

Five to six month-olds: Mogumogu guidance, 10 to 11 month-olds: tooth brushing guidance, 2. 5 yearolds: dental checkups.

[Welfare and Child Support Division, Comprehensive Child Care Support Center (0476-37-7185)]

Health checkups for 1. 5-year-olds, Dental checkups for 2-year-olds, Health checkups for 3-year-olds

4.Vaccinations for children

Welfare and Child Support Division, Comprehensive Child Care Support Center (0476-37-7185)

Vaccination refers to giving an injection to prevent transmission or development of diseases, to diminish the symptoms, and to prevent diseases from spreading. Vaccinations are specified by the Preventive Vaccination Law to prevent infections. The age at which a child is to receive a vaccination and the inoculation intervals are specified. Adhere to the specified age and intervals so that your child can be vaccinated safely. If your child is not vaccinated at the designated time, you may be charged for the vaccination.
If you have any questions or concerns, consult with your family doctor or the Welfare and Child Support Division, Comprehensive Child Care Support Center.

5.Childcare for sick and recovering children

Welfare and Child Support Division (0476-33-7707)

Childcare for sick and recovering children is for sick children and children recovering from illness. As caring for them in a group living environment or at home is difficult, we place the children, on a tentative basis, in facilities for sick and recovering children where appropriate care is provided.




福祉・子ども課 子育て包括支援室(0476-37-7185)



福祉・子ども課 子育て包括支援室(0476-37-7185)







【福祉・子ども課  子育て包括支援室(0476-37-7185)】


福祉・子ども課 子育て包括支援室(0476-37-7185)



福祉・子ども課(0476- 33-7707)