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3. Rules and Manners for Daily Life (3) Rules for keeping pets

Environmental Cooperation Section (0476-33-7710)

(3) Rules for keeping pets

Pets are living creatures. Be a responsible owner and take good care of your pets for their entire lives.

  • Sometimes trouble occurs when a pet makes excessive noise or when the owner forgets to clean up after his/her dog. If you have a pet, observe the rules and manners.
  • Pets are not allowed in some apartment buildings. So, confirm in advance whether or not pets are allowed.

1 Keeping dogs

Dog owners must register their dogs at the municipal office.
A. If your dog is 91 days old or older and is not registered, register your dog at the Environmental Cooperation Section ( 3, 000 yen per dog) and obtain a dog license.
B. Have your dog vaccinated against rabies once a year at an animal hospital and obtain a vaccination certificate. Take the certificate to the Environmental Cooperation Section to receive a Completion of Rabies Vaccination Tag ( 550 yen per dog).
C. Attach the dog license and the tag to your dog's collar.
D. If the owner's address changes, if the dog dies, or if the dog's ownership is transferred, you will need to notify the municipal office. For information, contact the Environmental Cooperation Section.
E. If you keep your dog outside the house, put a leash on the dog and tie the leash to a post.
F. When you take your dog for a walk, be sure to keep it on a leash, and take a plastic bag with you to clean up after your dog.

2 Keeping cats

A. Keep your cats in your house.
B. Put an ID tag showing your name on the cat collar or microchip your cat.
C. Owners are responsible for spaying/neutering their cats.

環境協働課(0476- 33-7710)



  • ペットの鳴き声やフンの不始末などが原因で、近所とのトラブルになることがあります。
  • 集合住宅の中には、ペットを飼うことを禁止しているところもありますので、事前に確認してください。

1 犬を飼うときは


カ. 犬を散歩に連れて行くときは、リードをつけビニール袋などを持参して、フンを必ず持ち帰ってください。

2 猫を飼うときは