SAKAE TOWN Livelihood Support Guide

2. Welfare for the elderly

(1) When you need nursing care

Health and Nursing Division (0476-33-7709)

The nursing care insurance plan is a system that, as a society, supports the elderly and individuals requiring nursing care or support. This system is financed by the premiums for nursing care insurance and tax.


People over the age of 65, or people between the ages of 40 and 64 who are recognized as individuals requiring care due to specific disorders subject to nursing care insurance can use this service.
* To use the nursing care services, you need to file an application and become certified as an individual requiring nursing care or support.

(2) Comprehensive consultation for the elderly

Sakaemachi Area Comprehensive Support Center (0476-95-1510)

Consultations on nursing care and welfare services are available to the elderly to help enable them to live peaceful lives. They provide assistance when applying for various welfare services.

(3) Use of welfare taxi (for the elderly)

Welfare and Child Support Division (0476-33-7707)

Taxi tickets are issued to people living alone, between the ages of 65 and 79, who have the certification of long-term care need degree 1 or above, and people who are 80 years of age and over. The tickets cover half the taxi fares up to 1, 000 yen.











介護保険の要介護認定で(要介護1)以上方、65 〜79歳のひとり暮らしの方及び80歳以上の高齢者がタクシーを利用する場合、1,000円を上限に半額を助成するタクシー利用券を交付しています。