SAKAE TOWN Livelihood Support Guide

4. Welfare benefits

Welfare and Child Support Division (0476-33-7707)

Unemployed individuals with no income or their families are eligible to receive money necessary for living. This money is referred to as "welfare benefits".
Before you apply for welfare benefits, look for a job. If you still do not have enough money, you can receive welfare benefits.
If you need welfare benefits, contact Sakaemachi Town Hall. Town Hall or Chiba Prefecture (Inba Health and Welfare Center) will Investigate your living conditions of your family and determine whether or not you are short of money.
Permanent residents, long-term residents, spouses of Japanese citizens, spouses of permanent residents, special permanent residents, and refugees living in Japan may be able to receive welfare benefits.
For detailed information, contact Town Hall or Chiba Prefecture (Inba Health and Welfare Center).


くわしいことは 栄町役場や千葉県(印旛健康福祉センター)に聞いてください。