SAKAE TOWN Livelihood Support Guide

3. Seal (Inkan) Registration

Resident Section (0476-33-7704)

In Japan, seals are used as a substitute for signatures.
There are two types of seals: mitome-in (personal seal) for day-to-day use and jitsu-in (registered seal) for important documents. Both types of seals are available at Hanko stores. The prices of seals vary, depending on the material used.
"Jitsu-in" is the seal that you put on important official documents. Register your seal (seal registration) at the municipal office in your area (the Resident Section of Sakae Town Hall, if you live in Sakae Town).
In Sakae Town, registered residents of Sakae Town who are15 years of age and over can register their seals. File an application at the Resident Section of Sakae Town Hall. You can only register one seal. Once your seal is registered, a seal registration card will be issued.
Jitsu-in and the seal registration card are used in various situations including registering a car, registering real estate, and taking out a loan. Keep them with great care.
* If your seal registration card is lost, you must submit a notification of loss of seal registration card and apply to register a seal again.
* If a proxy files an application on your behalf, he/she needs a letter of proxy written by you. It will take a few days for the procedure to be completed.

1.Application for seal registration (If the owner of the seal, aged 15 and over applies)

Necessary documents
Where to submit
1 Seal to be registered
2 Personal identification document with a photo issued by a public agency
 ・Residence card or special permanent resident certificate
 ・Driver's license
 ・My Number Card
1 登録する印鑑
2 公的機関が発行する顔写真の付いた本人確認書類
 ・マイナンバーカード など
Resident Section of Sakae Town Hall
On the day of application
300 yen
Issuing of certificate of seal registration
300 yen

2.Characters/seals that can be registered

There are certain requirements for characters and seals to be registered. For details, contact the Resident Section of Sakae Town Hall ( 0476- 33-7704).

3.Certificate of seal registration

When you use your jitsu-in (registered seal), your seal registration card proves that the jitsu-in is genuine.
In the case you enter into an important contract, for example, when purchasing land, a house, or a car, you will need a registered seal and a seal registration card.
You or your proxy can apply for a certificate of seal registration by presenting your seal registration card at the Resident Section of Sakae Town Hall. Your proxy does not need a letter of proxy. You do not need to bring your registered seal, however, there is a fee.
* If you have a My Number Card, you will be able to receive the certificate of seal registration at a convenience store (Seven-Eleven, Lawson, Family Mart, Mini Stop, etc.) equipped with a multifunctional copy machine.

住民課(0476- 33-7704)