SAKAE TOWN Livelihood Support Guide

4. National Pension

Resident Section (0476-33-7706)

The Public Pension plan is a social insurance system that provides benefits such as old-age benefits, disability pensions, and survivor pensions to members.
The Public Pension system is composed of the National Pension Insurance and the Employees' Pension Insurance. The National Pension provides basic benefits commonly to all insured individuals. The Employees' Pension Insurance provides remuneration-related pension to insured individuals (primarily company employees) in addition to the basic benefits of the National Pension.

1.Age limits

All people living in Japan including foreign residents aged between 20 to 59 must be covered by the National Pension Insurance.

2.Enrollment procedures

If you are enrolled in the Employees' Pension Insurance at work, you are automatically enrolled in the National Pension Insurance (second insured person). As your employer enrolls you in the Employees' Pension Insurance, you do not need to go through the procedure yourself.
If you are not enrolled in the Employees' Pension Insurance, submit an application for the national pension to the Resident Section of Sakaemachi Town Hall or the Pension Office of the Japan Pension Service.

3.Payment of pension contributions

Regardless of earned incomes, all insured individuals contribute the same amount. Each year, you will receive a payment notice from the Japan Pension Service in April. Take the payment notice to a post office, bank, or convenience store, and pay the contribution, or you can pay via account transfer.
If you have a low income or if it is difficult to pay the contribution, you can apply for exemption from contribution payments. You may qualify for a full-amount exemption or a partial-amount exemption. As a rule, you need to apply for exemption every year.
In addition, if you are receiving the Public Assistance or the Disability Pension of level 2 or higher under the Livelihood Protection Act, you will be exempt from making national pension contribution payments (legal exemption). However, foreign residents receiving livelihood assistance need to apply for an exemption.
Students can apply for the "Special Payment System for Students" that postpones the contribution payments. Visit the website of the Japan Pension Service to confirm your eligibility.

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